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Introducing our professional-grade Continuous Nailhead Trim Kit, designed to elevate your upholstery projects.


Say goodbye to individual nailing hassles with this efficient solution. The continuous roll ensures accurate spacing for a polished, expert finish, while the 7/16" head size and 1/2" shank deliver precision in every application.


The distinctive round shape adds a classic touch, and with the fastening nail strategically placed every 4th or 5th nailhead, achieving a seamless look has never been easier.


  • The Long Strips  kit includes, 10 pcs of   1 Meter (1.1 Yards) long continuous nailhead trim and 180 pcs matching nails. Each pack can cover totally 11 Yards (10 Meters) of trim.  providing you with everything needed for a sleek and cohesive aesthetic. Elevate your craftsmanship effortlessly with this professional trim kit.


  • The Short Strips kit includes  61 pcs  of  4in (10cm) long nailhead trim and 185 matching nails, each box can cover totally 6 Meters (6,5 Yards) of trim.


7/16in Antique Copper Electroplated Nailhead in Strips

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