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Elevate Your Upholstery Game with the Decotacks Tool Set!


Our carefully curated tool set includes one Interchangeable Head Soft Face Hammer and one pair of Pliers, offering you a dynamic duo for all your upholstery needs. Crafted to seamlessly complement our renowned Decotacks Upholstery Nails & Tacks, these tools will revolutionize your crafting experience.


**Key Features:**


1. **Interchangeable Head Soft Face Hammer:**

This precision instrument is designed to deliver impeccable results without a single scratch on your prized upholstery nails. Whether you're fastening Decotacks Upholstery Nails or Tacks, our Soft Face Hammer ensures a gentle touch, preserving the pristine surface of your decorative hardware.


2. **Pliers for Precise Installation:**

Our pliers play an indispensable role in ensuring your tacks are installed without any risk of bending the nail shanks. These pliers provide you with the control and finesse needed for a flawless installation, allowing you to achieve the perfect finish.


Elevate your upholstery projects to new heights with the Decotacks Tool Set. Pair our Soft Face Hammer with the precision of our Pliers to effortlessly install Decotacks Upholstery Nails & Tacks, maintaining the integrity of your materials. This set is the ideal choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts who demand perfection in every detail.


Upgrade your toolkit today and experience the difference these high-quality tools make in your upholstery endeavors. Say goodbye to scratches and bent nail shanks – trust in Decotacks for a superior and damage-free application.

1" [25mm] Interchangeable Head Soft Face Hammer and Pliers Kit

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