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Decotacks Supplies is founded on 2010 and she is the subbranch of Asiahan Industrial Co. Ltd (

We are professional manufacturer for upholstery nails, Decorative Nail Trims (clavos) accessories and fittings since 2006 in Turkey & China. is aimed for advertising our unique & special products to the wide range of customers all over the world and giving them a chance to buy our items with low quantities and try our products on their designs.

If you are a wholesaler or manufacturer for furniture industry and looking for High Quality Upholstery tacks or fittings supplier, you are welcome to contact with us.

Asiahan Industrial Co. Ltd.
R421 N890 Tianhe Bei Rd.
Guangzhou 510630 China
Tel : +86-20-3240-1130
Fax : +86-20-3821-9541

E-mail :
info [at]

tarhanp [@]

Handling & Shipping Time :

We ship orders with in 1 business day after checkout completed unless if didn't indicate special reasons on item description. Please kindly check notices on our website about public holidays before order.

Delivery Time :

We use EMS/UPS/DHL/FEDEX to deliver goods, delivery time is usually takes 2 to 5 business days according to destination country and address.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

We accept returns with in 30 days after your items arrived. Please contact with us before returning any items, uninformed returns will not be accepted. We refund goods cost on returns.

We are not able to cancel your order after we sent out for shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : Is this website safe?

A : Yes, we don't collect any payment information from customers, all our checkouts completing by "Yahoo E-commerce" & Paypal

Q : Where items will be shipped

A : It's depends on the product type. We are able to ship items from US, China or Turkey.

Q : Is there any other payment method except indicated on Checkout?

A : Yes, we also accept T/T, L/C, Western Union

Q : My Country is not in the shipping list on checkout, can I still buy your products?

A : Yes, it's just because of shipping costs, please contact with us in advance and we can inform you if any extra shipping charges needed on your country or not.

Q : Since Items are coming from abroad, is there any custom taxes and duties will be applied?

A : Most of our items are small packages and not with high cost, most of countries doesn't apply custom duties for small packages.


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